Learn About Our Genetic Testing Practice

Insight Medical Genetics is a comprehensive genetic medicine practice providing personalized counseling and guidance for patients and referring providers in a complex and changing landscape of highly technical and deeply personal matters.

With the expertise of a medical center and the personal touch of a private practice, Insight Medical Genetics provides up-to-date, leading edge testing for genetic conditions with a professionally recognized standard of care and compassionate counseling every step of the way.

Caring and Comprehensive Counseling with the Insight Advantage

At Insight Medical Genetics, dedicated and knowledgeable genetic counselors guide patients through a multifaceted field of science and human interest. High tech and high touch, Insight renders leading-edge scientific procedures accessible, comfortable and personal to all our patients.

From the first screening consultation to test results and next steps, the team at Insight is committed to helping patients navigate highly technical and deeply personal matters. 

In a world where scientific knowledge is changing faster than culture, Insight brings the science of genetics and the understanding of people together to offer advanced genetic testing and counseling in a compassionate and patient-focused environment.

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The Insight Team

At Insight, our team of multidisciplinary genetics professionals including physicians, counselors and lab technicians provide genetic services in a range of medical disciplines, including preconception, prenatal and cancer genetics

A History of High Tech and High Touch

With an established history in genetic testing, first trimester screening and prenatal chromosome analysis, Insight has expanded its genetic services to include hereditary cancer risk assessment and a growing array of genetic testing through its CLIA-licensed and CAP certified high complexity molecular genetics and cytogenetic laboratories. Insight Medical Genetics is a CAP and CLIA accredited laboratory.

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