Insight Medical Genetics is committed to providing our patients with a seamless genetic experience, including a streamlined process for the billing of insurance claims. While we are recognized by all major insurance providers, this does not guarantee that your services will be covered. Genetic testing is a fairly new medical frontier that is constantly evolving. As experts in the field, we are most attuned with the changing landscape of genetics and therefore are highly skilled at filing claims and seeking reimbursement from insurance providers. If you would like to understand how the billing process works, please click the button below for a step-by-step process. If your question is still unanswered, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with an answer.

If you would like to check your coverage with your insurance provider, click here for all relevant CPT and ICD-10 codes. 

Cost of Genetic Testing

Insight understands the cost of high-quality specialized genetic testing can be substantial. Our dedicated staff will work diligently to minimize your out-of-pocket costs, and file appeals with your insurance provider when possible. In the event we are not able to adequately collect from your insurance company, we do our best to keep your financial responsibility at a reasonable level. 

If you have questions, concerns or would like an estimate of your expenses, we encourage you to contact us

Working with Your Healthcare Plan

We are prepared to help our patients with denied medical claims.  Often, medical claims are denied without any prior knowledge and occurs when your insurance company does not approve payment for services. Your medical claim can be denied for a variety of reasons, which we do our best to appeal with the goal of ultimately getting the denial overturned. Certain health plans require specific forms to be completed by the patient before the appeal process can begin. Below are the appeal forms that can be completed prior to your appointment.

Aetna (link to form)
UHC Group (link to form)
Humana (link to form)
Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield (link to form)
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (link to form)
Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield (link to form)

A Note about Billing

Insight Medical Genetics is the business name representing two separate companies functioning seamlessly together. Insight Medical Genetics, LLC is primarily our laboratory services, whereas IMG MD, LLC is our clinical and physician services. Though the services you experience are completely integrated, billing information may vary depending on the services you or your patient receives.

Clinical services
Services such as ultrasounds, genetic counseling consultations and physician consultations with Dr. Lee Shulman, Dr. Jeffrey Dungan, or Dr. Andrew Wagner will be billed using the following information: IMG MD, LLC, TIN: 46-3982536

Laboratory Services
Laboratory Services, including all cytogenetic and molecular genetic testing, will be billed using the following information: Insight Medical Genetics, LLC, TIN: 46-3639115


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected], by phone (312) 374-6400 or fax (312) 981-4401.