Your New Health Resolution: Cancer Screening for Every Age

Every year, January rolls around and we all make resolutions to better ourselves in one way or another. I’ll work out more, I’ll eat better, I’ll spend less, etc. As this January comes to a close, we want to remind you to take charge of your health and make 2016 the YEAR OF YOU. Many adults fail to get a well-person check-up annually, and often this leads to a lapse in their cancer screening. This year, make an appointment with your physician, and make sure you discuss the following recommended cancer screenings!

All cancer screening protocols should be discussed with your physician. Screening recommendations may vary based on your history, so inform your doctor every year of updates to your personal and family history! If you have a personal family history of cancer, you may consider obtaining a hereditary cancer risk assessment via a genetic counselor. The genetic counselors at IMG can help you determine whether you may be a good candidate for genetic testing and cancer risk assessment.


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