Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counselors of Tomorrow

At Insight, we have the pleasure of helping to train the next generation of genetic counselors. With today being the first annual Genetic Counselor Awareness Day, we wanted to ask our current interns why they are so excited to join the field of genetic counseling and how they got to where they are today. 

Encouraging Words from A Genetic Counselor to Young People with a BRCA Mutation

A positive BRCA 1 or 2 diagnosis brings about its uncertainties for anyone. But learning you have a hereditary cancer syndrome at a younger age, i.e. before reaching certain "life milestones", can put your fears about your future health into overdrive. So what are you to do? Experienced cancer genetic counselor Taya Fallen, MS, LCGC has some sage advice. 

Variants of Uncertain Significance: How Genetic Counseling Can Help Funnel the Uncertainty

A VUS is a change in a gene that at this point in time is an unknown, meaning genetics professionals don't know if this change is harmful (i.e. disease causing) or benign. However, genetic counselors can play a critical role in helping individuals and families interpret VUS results and determine next steps for personal care. 

Genetic Counseling an Important Part of the IVF Process

Over half of couples who seek treatment for infertility will go on to have healthy babies. As a part of that treatment, and when planning a pregnancy in general, it is recommended that all couples are offered genetic testing called carrier screening.