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Pharmacogenetic Testing at Insight

igenify, the latest laboratory tool from Insight Medical Genetics, utilizes pharmacogenetic testing to identify genetic variations in drug responses.

Pharmacogenetics is based on the findings that people frequently respond differently to the same medication and/or dosage. This individualized response is attributable to variations in specific genes. The different responses can range from a serious adverse reaction to ineffectiveness of the medication.

The group of genes we test represents one of the most comprehensive panels available, providing an assessment of the seven (7) most commonly prescribed antidepressants and three (3) of the most frequently used pain medications in addition to several other medications. The types of medicines for which we can provide PGx testing will grow as the body of knowledge about the interactions between specific genes and drugs continues to deepen.

The Panel

igenify categorizes patient genotypes and compares an individual’s specific genetic variations with our database of information about how the products of those genes (enzymes) metabolize various drugs.

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Please click here to request a kit. The igenify panel can only be ordered by a healthcare professional