About Our Labs

Insight Medical Genetics offers comprehensive genetic testing for providers nationwide and in other countries through our molecular and cytogenetics laboratories.

Our sophisticated labs are certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). Our highly trained technologists develop, perform and analyze a menu of sophisticated and complex screening and diagnostic tests for a wide range of genetic conditions. 

National Send-In Service

Insight combines high-level, leading-edge scientific procedures with personalized care. All send-in services are handled by licensed, board-certified genetic counselors who follow each specimen through the testing process and are readily available to explain and discuss results.

Here’s how this service works:

  • The referring provider contacts a genetic counselor at Insight, who can answer any questions about the selected test, specimen requirements, and other logistics.

  • The provider mails the required specimen to Insight.

  • Our genetic counselor will advise the Insight lab that a specimen will be arriving soon for testing. The lab processes the specimen upon its receipt.

  • Our lab director, in collaboration with a Genetic Counselor, writes a complete interpretation of the test to the referring provider and results are faxed by the Genetic Counselor. If the results of the test are positive, one of our genetic counselors will call the referring provider to discuss the options and our recommendations. Our genetic counselors are always available for further consultation and explanation.

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Support for Referring Providers

Our genetic counselors are responsible for communicating all results to providers and are available for further discussion, if needed. We provide lab testing support for referring providers so that they can provide the very best care for their patients.

Personalized Care, Delivered Quickly and Affordably

Insight uses the most appropriate technology to deliver accurate lab results to referring providers and their patients with rapid turnaround times. Because one of our genetic counselors follows your sample from receipt through results, you receive personalized, dependable testing services.

We also handle all billing and follow-up to insurance companies for specimens received for laboratory testing, reducing the burden on the patient.

For more information about lab service billings, including institutional pricing, contact our billing department at (312) 374-6400

Lab Certificates

CLIA ID Number 14D1000956  
CAP ID Number 7177224 
PDOH ID Number 033872