Ovarian Cancer

Letter from the President and Medical Directors - Spring 2018

Genetic medicine is an evolving area of research, knowledge, and, most importantly, for the majority of you reading this newsletter, clinical applications.  At Insight, we’ve taken the position that we can add value to the work of physicians and health care providers by persistently surveying the landscape of this evolution and making the best judgments we can regarding both standards of care and leading edge developments both in discussion with you and on behalf of your patients. 

Advances in Hereditary Ovarian Cancer Genetic Counseling & Testing

It has been well established that while the majority of ovarian cancers arise sporadically, up to 20% are considered to be hereditary. Mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes provide an explanation in many of these hereditary cases, but not all suggestive personal and family histories are explained by BRCA1/2. As our awareness of additional ovarian-cancer susceptibility genes continues to grow, the scope of available genetic testing has also begun to expand.