As an expectant parent, your primary focus is the health of your baby. At Insight Medical Genetics, we understand both the highly technical aspects of reproductive health and the deeply personal concerns surrounding pregnancy. We can offer insight on the genetic health of your baby and provide answers to all your genetic questions through our prenatal genetic testing programs.

About Prenatal Genetics


In order to communicate this incredibly complex genetic information, prenatal genetic testing patients are paired with a licensed and board-certified genetic counselor. Prenatal genetic counseling is the first step for every prenatal patient and a cornerstone of the Insight experience. Our genetic counselors expertly guide each prenatal patient through the counseling process, advise patients on our suite of testing services, support patients through the prenatal genetic testing process and summarize complex genetic information into easy-to-follow results for patients. 


Carrier Screening

Carrier screening can be performed in addition to or before prenatal screening and diagnostic testing. This screening test is designed to look at your and your partner’s genes to see if you carry certain changes—known as mutations—that could cause an inherited disorder to be passed on to your children. 

Prenatal Screening

Prenatal testing services fall into two groups: screening tests and diagnostic tests. Screening tests give patients a percentage likelihood that their child will develop a genetic condition. We offer prenatal screening to test for very specific but common chromosomal abnormalities. Prenatal screening involves both a blood test and a specialized ultrasound to determine results.  

Prenatal Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is a procedure-based test that provides patients with conclusive answers to the health status of their fetus. Insight offers two types of prenatal diagnostic testing to our patients, amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS)