Prenatal Genetic Counseling

We believe exceptional prenatal care starts with dedicated professionals who are committed to providing patients with answers to all their genetic health concerns. The prenatal genetic counselors at Insight are highly trained and experienced in interpreting genetic information, and can provide the reassurance that patients need when making complex medical decisions for themselves and their family. 

The Benefits of Prenatal Genetic Counseling

A prenatal genetic counselor is an incredibly valuable asset to your pregnancy. 

  • Their knowledge of genetics makes them a reliable resource for all your genetic questions.
  • They have an in-depth understanding of all the genetic tests available to you and the kinds of results they can provide, allowing you as a patient to make an educated decision about your testing options. 
  • Their extensive training as prenatal counselors assures that you feel comfortable and supported through every step of the prenatal genetic counseling and testing process. 

Pregnancy can often be a time of uncertainty, but a prenatal genetic counselor can provide much needed clarity about your baby’s development. 

Prenatal Genetic Counseling - What to Expect

  1. Before any testing is done, prenatal patients meet with a prenatal genetic counselor to discuss a multitude of topics. Your counselor will begin by giving you a general overview of genetics as it relates to prenatal development.
  2. Next, you can expect to talk about your personal and family health history with your counselor. Your counselor will then explain all available tests and types of results they can provide.
  3. If you decide to pursue testing, your counselor will interpret your results and offer follow-up testing or next steps for any positive findings. 

A Personalized Approach to Prenatal Counseling

Your pregnancy is completely unique, so it only makes sense that your prenatal genetic counseling experience is also one-of-a-kind. At Insight Medical Genetics, we strive to provide patient care that’s tailored to your personal health, family history, beliefs and concerns as an expectant parent. Our genetic counselors take the necessary time to cover all your questions and explain the relevance of any findings during testing.