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For your information, the Website is owned and operated by Insight Medical Genetics, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company (“IMG” or “we” or “us” or any similar designation). IMG has prepared this Policy to disclose and describe our information collection and dissemination practices relative to the Website so that you may submit information to us on a fully informed basis. In addition, you are bound by our Terms of Use, and we strongly suggest that you review this Policy in conjunction with our Terms of Use.

We may revise this Policy at any time by posting a revised version on the Website and providing our registered users with electronic notice of such revisions. Such revised Policy shall be effective as to all use of the Website (including with respect to existing users, registered users and account holders) upon posting, and your sole remedies should you disagree with any such revision shall be (1) to opt-out of such revised Policy by submitting an email request to [email protected]; and (2) cease to use the Website. Upon receipt of such opt-out, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to purge our records of any personally identifiable or payment account information you have submitted.

We Value Your Privacy. When you open an Account (as identified in the Terms of Use) at the Website, we will not provide your email address or other personal and financial information to any third party, except as described by this Policy. If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us by email at [email protected]

Collection of Information; Scope of Policy. We may require you to submit certain information (including, without limitation, personal information such as contact or payment card information) in order to provide you an account at the Website or otherwise collect payment for various other paid Website activities, services or features, or for such other reasons as may be described on the Website at the time such information is collected. To the extent such information is either (1) personally identifiable or (2) personal financial information, this Policy covers our collection, treatment and dissemination of such information.

This Policy does not cover (1) any information which is not personally identifiable or financial (such as anonymized or aggregated demographic information); or (2) any ideas or suggestions you may submit for the Website, each of which we may use for any purposes in our sole discretion without limitation.

From time to time, IMG may request information via surveys or similar means. Participation in these surveys or the like is completely voluntary, and you have a choice whether or not to disclose this information. In addition to any use information described in this Policy, information collected during surveys and contests will be used for the purposes specified on the forms on which it is collected.

Treatment of Personal and Financial Information. Except as described in this Policy, we will use commercially reasonably efforts to hold your personally identifiable and financial information in privacy. We may use such information to: 

  • Validate your identity and regulate access to your account and various other Website features;

  • Personalize your experience with the Website; 

  • Contact you for administrative purposes relating to your account, or to provide you support in response to your queries; 

  • Compile information related to your queries, keywords and phrases generally; 

  • Provide information pertaining to IMG products or services which may be of interest to you, on an opt-out basis; 

  • Distribute an IMG newsletter on an opt-out basis; 

  • Create aggregate and anonymous demographic or other information which me may use for any purpose once decoupled from your personal and financial information; 

  • Assist in IMG’s reimbursement for services provided, including submission of claims and other information to insurance companies; and 

  • Assist in treatment and healthcare operations, including releasing information to other healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care.

We may provide your information, including personally identifiable or financial information, to our vendors who provide background services on the Website, such as payment processing, technical support, order fulfillment and other subcontracted services. We use reasonable efforts to cause such third parties to legally agree to use such information only for the purpose for which it was provided and to otherwise abide by the protections of this Policy.

IMG may disclose Protected Health Information (“PHI”) to those involved in a patient’s care when the patient approves or, when the patient is not present or not able to approve, when such disclosure is deemed appropriate in the professional judgment of IMG. When the patient is not present or not able to approve of the disclosure of PHI, IMG determines whether the disclosure of the patient’s PHI is authorized by law and if so, discloses the information directly relevant to the person’s involvement with the patient’s healthcare.

IMG uses and discloses PHI to appropriate individuals as required by law. IMG discloses PHI to health officials when required by law. This includes reporting of communicable diseases and other conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, lead poisoning, Reye’s Syndrome and mandated reports of injury, medical conditions, procedures or food-borne illness including, but not limited to, adverse reactions to immunizations, cancer, adverse pregnancy outcomes, death or birth.

IMG discloses PHI regarding victims of abuse, neglect or domestic violence. IMG discloses information about a minor, disabled adult, nursing home resident or person over 60 years of age whom IMG reasonably believes to be a victim of abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities as required by law or, if not required by law, if the individual agrees to the disclosure. This includes child abuse and neglect, elder abuse and exploitation, abused and neglected nursing home residents or disabled adults abuse.

IMG informs the individual of the reporting unless IMG, in the exercise of professional judgment, believes informing the individual would place the individual at risk of serious harm or IMG would be informing and personal representative and IMG believes the personal representative is responsible for the abuse, neglect or other injury and that informing such person would not be in the best interests of the individual as determined by the professional judgment of IMG.

IMG uses and discloses PHI as required by law for health oversight activities. The information may be used and released for audits, investigations, licensure issues and other health oversight activities.

IMG discloses information for judicial and administrative proceedings in response to an order of a court or an administrative tribunal or a subpoena, discovery request or other lawful process.

IMG uses and discloses PHI as required to coroners and medical examiners and funeral directors as required by law.

Handling of Your Information; Security. We have put in place reasonable security measures to protect your information and restrict access to unauthorized employees, provided that unless we expressly request your payment card information to process payment for use of a paid feature of the Website, we do not store information in a manner that complies with payment card industry (PCI) standards, and accordingly, please do not provide us with any payment card or other financial information unless and until we expressly request such information.

We use reasonable measures to protect against hacking and other malicious activity, although we do not and cannot guaranty that no security breach will ever secure.

Please do not submit personal, financial or health information to features of the Website not intended for such information. Such information should never be submitted publicly (unless you want it publicly displayed and to assume the consequences of having it permanently exposed) and we cannot promise PCI or HIPAA (health related information) compliant storage of such information except as expressly described above.

Automated Activities. The Website uses a feature of your web browser called a “cookie” which is a file that your browser places on your computer’s hard drive to uniquely identify your computer. The Website creates and then uses cookies to make log-in more convenient, to tell us whether you have previously visited the Website, to track your clicks through the Website and to help us determine whether you came to the Website from a particular Internet link or advertisement. Cookies can also be used to save and retrieve passwords and to save information on past usage of features and other preferences. We do not and cannot use cookies to retrieve personal information about you from your computer unless such information was knowingly and willingly provided by you. Some of our business partners and sponsors use cookies through the Website which is standard practice for many of the websites you may visit. If you wish to restrict how cookies are placed on your computer, please check your browser settings, or check your browser’s “Help” information for instructions on how to enhance the security of your browser or limit use of and access to cookies. Please note that your browser’s security settings may disable some features or services on certain websites.

In addition to conventional cookies, we may also use a cross-domain tracking feature that employs Adobe Local Shared Objects, which are known as “LSOs” or “Flash Cookies,” to collect data pertaining to your use of the Website. Anonymous data obtained via Flash Cookies may be shared with various vendors and service providers for optimization of our inbound marketing and related efforts. We believe the use of Flash Cookies is mutually beneficial because they can assist us in optimizing your user experience, however, you should be aware that web browsers may not provide you with the ability to block Flash Cookies and that browser settings which block conventional cookies may not affect Flash Cookies. You may also find that deleted Flash Cookies may be reinstated.

Similarly, IMG and our partners may also use “web beacons” (small image files which are used to track presence on web pages and surfing patters) in a similar fashion to cookies, except that web beacons do not store any personal information on your computer. We may also use web beacons or similar technology to track clicks from our newsletters and the like.

Finally, our servers will log each website visitor’s IP address, browser type, referring and exiting URLs and other statistical and technical information. Except for policy, agreement and law enforcement purposes, IMG will treat this as anonymous information.

Protection of Children. This Website is not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you are prohibited from using this Website and should discontinue your use immediately.

Links to Third Party Websites. The Website may be, in whole or in part, an advertising supported Website, and when responding to a third party advertisement or offer, you may submit your information to such third party outside of our control. The Website may contain links to other websites that are not controlled by IMG. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other websites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our Website and to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information. This Policy applies solely to information collected by IMG and the Website.

Other Events. All information collected or provided may be transferred or assigned by IMG in conjunction with a merger of the sale of all or a portion of IMG (or similar event).

Enforcement of this Policy and Contact Information. If for any reason you believe that your privacy has been breached through the use of the Website, you may contact us immediately by email at [email protected] and we will do our best to promptly determine and correct the problem.

IMG’s liability from or arising out of this Policy or any breach hereof is subject to the general limits of liability stated in the Terms of Use.