As the need for genetic screening and the complexity of screening panels grows, Insight Medical Genetics is there as a partner in the interpretation and translation of complex genetic information – to your patients and your providers.


With 10 licensed genetic counselors and 3 clinical geneticists we can handle all of your genetics, so you can handle the other aspects of your practice.


From one on one personalized genetic counseling, to testing, resulting and follow-up – Insight is your partner to deliver the genetic care your patients need.


With multiple locations across the Chicagoland area and flexible delivery models that include telemedicine, onsite services and video-based counseling (for carrier screening), we help practices to provide recommended genetic care to their patients in a streamlined, efficient way.


And because we also handle all of the insurance billing and reimbursement – from precertification through appeals – and work directly with your patients to provide affordable out of pocket testing costs – you and your staff can take those discussions off your plate.


Prenatal Genetic Counseling and Screening

A leader in the delivery of prenatal genetic medicine, click here to learn more about Insight’s prenatal genetic services.


Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment

Click here for a list of the personal or family history conditions indicating a recommendation for genetic counseling based on current NCCN guidelines.