Send-In Billing Policies

Insight Medical Genetics is committed to providing our patients with a seamless genetic experience, including a streamlined process for the billing of insurance claims. While we are recognized by all major insurance providers, this does not guarantee that services will be covered. Genetic testing is a fairly new medical frontier that is constantly evolving. As experts in the field, we are most attuned with the changing landscape of genetics and therefore are highly skilled at filing claims and seeking reimbursement from insurance providers. If you would like to understand how the billing process works, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with an answer.


Cost of Genetic Testing


Insight understands the cost of the high-quality specialized genetic testing can be substantial. Our dedicated staff will work diligently to minimize out-of-pocket costs, and file appeals with the insurance provider when possible. In the event we are not able to adequately collect from insurance company, we do our best to keep the patient’s financial responsibility at a reasonable level. 


Insurance Option

Insight Medical Genetics accepts all commercial insurance policies. While we are recognized by all major insurance providers, this does not guarantee that services will be covered.  Please be sure to send us complete insurance information, and include a copy of the front and back of the insurance card. Insight Medical Genetics will bill insurance, and conduct the appeal process as necessary until all options are exhausted.

Please note, Insight Medical Genetics is currently not a Medicaid or Medicare provider and therefore we are unable to accept patient samples with this type of insurance. If your patient has Medicaid or Medicare, we are able to offer them the Self-Pay Option.  

Effective November 1st, 2017, Insight will no longer be able to initiate pre-certification of our send-in genetic services for UnitedHealthcare members. Pre-certification must be done through the ordering physician. Please send in all supporting documentation along with the pre-certification number when submitting the test requisition and specimen. Providers can access the UHC website to learn how to complete these requests. 


Insight Medical Genetics provides a discounted pricing for self-pay patients.  For more information, please contact our billing department at 312-374-6400.

Self-Pay Option


Insight Medical Genetics can bill a referring institution directly if an Institutional Account has been established. This allows the referring clinician to submit samples through their facility’s send out laboratory. To establish an Institutional Account, please have a representative from your organization call our billing department directly at 312-374-6400. 

Institutional Option


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected], by phone (312) 374-6400
or fax (312) 981-4401.