Sending Genetic Samples

We make it easy for providers to send specimens for our range of laboratory testing. This step-by-step guide will take you through the process. 

Send-In Process

  1. Download and fill out the required send-in forms. Note that some of these forms require patient and provider signatures. Include any patient clinical information relevant to the genetic testing with the forms (ultrasound reports, clinical notes, family pedigrees, etc.) and a copy of the front and back of the patient’s insurance card. Insight will use this information to secure coverage from the insurance carrier. 

  2. Once forms are complete, please send a copy via fax (855-507-9277) or email ([email protected]). A genetic counselor will contact you to let you know your forms have been received. This GC will also serve as your direct point of contact throughout the testing process, and is available to explain results and answer any questions. 

  3. Request a free specimen kit if you do not already have one.

  4. Prepare specimen(s) for transport. See our Test Menu for details on accepted specimens, turnaround time and more. 

  5. Once your kit arrives, pack the specimens individually in provided bubble wrap pouches, then seal in biohazard bags. Place specimens in the transport box, close and seal the box, then place in the prepaid mailer and ship immediately.

  6. All specimens should be shipped at ambient temperature prior to shipping, with the exception of CVS and POC specimens which need to be refrigerated.

How and Where to Send

Send all specimens overnight to arrive Tuesday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time. We will accept specimens on Monday from local providers if sent same-day. Please note, we do not accept specimens over the weekend or federal holidays.


Address specimens to:

Attn: Lab
Insight Medical Genetics
680 N. Lake Shore Drive, Suite 1230
Chicago, IL 60611

Acceptable Samples

Insight accepts the following sample types for local, national and international send-in lab services:

  • Direct chorionic villi: 15-20 mg

  • Amniotic fluid: ≥ 20 cc

  • 2 T-25 flasks of confluent fetal cells

  • Direct POC: 15-20 mg (more guidelines here)

  • Extracted DNA: ≥ 3 micrograms (minimum concentration of 100 ng/μl)

  • Adult saliva (Insight will provide a collection kit if requested)

  • A maternal blood specimen of at least 4 mL (lavender top/EDTA) is required to conduct the necessary maternal cell contamination studies prior to all molecular prenatal testing

  • Adult blood specimen of at least 4 mL (green top/sodium heparin)

  • Cord blood specimen of at least 4mL

Insight Medical Genetics will only accept DNA that has been extracted by a CLIA certified laboratory.  The extracting laboratory is responsible for ensuring the DNA is of high quality and purity and to the best of their knowledge is free of known PCR inhibitors. Refer to the table below for test-specific DNA concentration and amount requirements. 

TestDNA Requirements
Min. Conc.
Total Amount
Microarray (aCGH)752.50
Maternal Cell Contamination Analysis150.25
Noonan Syndrome NGS Panel152.00
SD/OI NGS Panel152.00
Deletion/Duplication (MLPA)300.50
SMN1 Deletion/Duplication (qPCR)150.50
Targeted Sequencing (1-3 targets)250.75
ABCA4 Sequence Analysis 2512.00
ACADM Sequence Analysis253.50
ACADS Sequence Analysis253.00
ALDOB Sequence Analysis253.00
ASPA Sequence Analysis253.00
CFTR Sequence Analysis257.50
CPT2 Sequence Analysis252.50
DHCR7 Sequence Analysis252.50
FKTN Sequence Analysis254.00
G6PC Sequence Analysis252.00
GALT Sequence Analysis252.50
GBA Sequence Analysis251.00
GJB2 Sequence Analysis251.50
HBB Sequence Analysis 252.00
HEXA Sequence Analysis253.50
MEFV Sequence Analysis253.50
PMM2 Sequence Analysis252.50
POLG Sequence Analysis255.50
SLC26A4 Sequence Analysis255.00
SMN1 Sequence Analysis251.00
SMPD1 Sequence Analysis253.00

Retaining Back-Up Specimens

Insight requires your lab to retain back-ups of all specimens you send to us. If the sample is inadequate or fails to grow in culture, Insight will notify the referring physician, counselor, or laboratory as soon as possible.

The team at Insight looks forward to partnering with you for your genetic testing needs. Following the above guidelines helps us serve you better. If you have any questions about sending specimens to Insight, contact us.